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The act set off a retaliatory carnage, a contentious election and changed the face of Gujarat's politics.Igniting Murder: Umarji apparently directed the conspirators to coach S-6; his arrest has shocked his followers in Gujarat The past year has been, truly, history. As many as 75 of the 121 accused have been arrested by the Special Investigation Team (SIT) appointed by the state Government.Down the center of busy avenues, precast 50-ton blocks of reinforced concrete are being fashioned into an overheard track.Cranes lift sections at night when there is little traffic. They were indulging in blatant and unlawful mobilisation to build a temple and deliberately provoke the Muslims in India.' Setalvad must be perverse to label karsevaks returning from Ayodhya as those 'indulging in blatant and unlawful mobilization'.That the election results in Gujarat have irrevocably altered the contours of secular discourse in this country is apparent not so much in the exultation of the religious right but in the response of professional secularists: They are either into denial or are sheepishly sidestepping failure by resorting to obfuscatory logic.

It is a gross violation of human rights of innocent citizens who were roasted alive or brutally killed or maimed for no fault of theirs.The mob that burnt down compartment S-6 is believed to have been drawn from the local Ghanchi community, zealous followers of the Tableegh Jamaat, a puritanical sect that set up shop in Godhra in the mid-1970s.The group has been bringing in crores of rupees, largely using the hawala route.After many centuries, with the increased Western awareness of Eastern history and philosophy, and the development of Islam, other religions were added to the list.Many Far Eastern ways of thought, in fact, were given the status of "world religion" while equally advanced religious cultures in technologically less developed or pre-literate societies (such as in Australia, Africa, South America, and Polynesia) were grouped together as pagans or "animists," regardless of their actual theology."There is a sentimental love affair between western intellectuals and India based on a complete misreading of the Indian philosophy of life.

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