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TS is a bizarre condition and varies greatly in severity-but it is just a fascinating and sometimes comical (and embarrasssing) condition,there just isnt anything like it! I guess it could be embarrassing but to those who know the afflicted person, it shouldnt be a problem. I'd find it really embarrassing if we were walking around sainsburys, lol - so I dont know if I'd be able to cope with someone with tourettes, I suppose it depends on how bad it was. Msg 2; you changed your answer (dramatically,i might add) how did you do that? -I`m still quite new here and dont know where anything is thanks Ok,now i have an edit button,dont know where that came from as it isnt on all posts,only some,and why do i have a delete button under everyones posts?I can imagine it getting them into some awful problems but tolerance and understanding in most cases should prevail... surely we cant go around deleting posts willy-nilly can we?Dr Nom YES I WOULD in fact I have Tourette Syndrome & OCD I to have experienced and continue to this Day not having a problem making female friends and being in Strong Relationships in fact I did a presentation in front of my entire High school body when I was a Freshman after a Got the awareness and facts out there thing were essayer for me don't get me wrong it took ALLOT OF GUTS to speak in front of the entire school but I did the point I am trying to make is that don't be afraid of be afraid of being inberest I yuost to be that way life is to short for that I live each day t the fullest and live life with no regrets I don't think just because some onesome of the smartest people I know has a desabilaty that makes them any deferent from the rest of the world I would defiantly Date a women with TS if are chemistry is just right and if I really had feelings for her I would. A friend has tourettes, it's only really noticible if she becomes stressed or upset, she meditates alot and this helps her keep it in check, she refuses drugs as she hates how they make her feel. Shes now 27 and friends with my friends daughter ive been on nights out shes been at and my god the hospital and docs have it so well under control . She is a mature, good-looking woman, great job, lovely 3-bed house beautifully done up, own car and single. She simply cannot say a few words without the F-word, and worse. She has given me some of the most embarrassing moments I can remember.

I have found ,personally,that others with TS,are so gentle,caring,kind,understanding beautiful people with an enviable amount of empathytowards others who are *different*I once met a girl on a train who I diagnosed as suffering a variant of Tourettes, known as Mute Tourette's Syndrome, my diagnosis was confirmed after only a few minutes spent examining her long legs and short skirt, when she passed me a note that said "F**K OFF"..I dont feel embarrassed by it,but obviously there are certain situations where i wish i could supress a little better than i do,such as in the quietness of the GP surgery or on the phone! Anyway,i was asking as i am intrigued to know how many of you would not date someone with TS and for what reason,its fine of course,the choice is yours.I also understand how embarrassing it can be for some,but i also find that embarrassment often comes from a lack of knowlegdge and understanding.If someone else doesn't like it, that's their problem as far as I'm concerned.I think its down to knowing the person and actually caring about them not seeing them as someone with Tourettes, if your attracted enough it wouldnt matter surely.

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