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As in most teenage parties, they kept on playing kissing games and somehow or other, George and Iris always ended up together." George definitely saw her as his first girlfriend, but was unsure how she saw the relationship.

"My first girlfriend was Rory Storm's sister, Iris Caldwell.

She later admitted it to Maureen, because Maureen asked. Then Ringo left Chris (with whom he never really went out with) for model-photographer Nancy Andrews and it was the end of their affair. Dorothy ''Dot'' Rhone was originally attracted by John. Paul then went on tour with the rest of the band in Hamburg. The Beatles were still using The Caldwell's family home at 54 Broad Green Road as their late-night hang-out as Paul remembered fondly. I went out for a short time with Rory's sister Iris, a dancer.

She became good friends with Cynthia and, seeing that her favorite was taken, she turned her attention towards Paul. She said both John & Paul were really controlling & possessive, trying to turn them into Brigitte Bardot. During that time, Dot found postcards addressed to Paul from a German girl. Their house was the only one open at that time of night. It was our late-night hang-out, really, just cups of tea and card games and chatting.

At least one gutsy fellow diner snapped a table-side photo that’s been making the rounds on social media.

Aside from Shevell’s Middlesex County roots as a grad of JP Stevens High School in Edison, the reports her family has ties to the Asbury area, thanks to one set of her grandparents.

You never know when you're young; you just fancy somebody, or someone's in the same room as you, and you end up thinking they're your girlfriend. I'd met Iris a couple of times and went round to her house and hung out.

Ringo then said : Better you than someone we don't know.

Sir Paul Mc Cartney and his ‘Jersey Girl’ wife were spotted in Asbury Park over the Labor Day holiday weekend.

The superstar and Nancy Shevell ate at the Monmouth County landmark, Jimmy’s Italian Restaurant on Sunday.

She was really nice and had cotton wool in her bra.

She probably didn't ever think she was my girlfriend.

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