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An icon resembling three horizontal bars will appear in the bottom left corner of the avatar (over top the Name Plate).This is the avatar's handle that you can click and drag the avatar to a new location on the Tabletop.

But in the eyes of its editor James Murray, the very first volume of the dictionary was something of an embarrassment: It was missing a word.

You can still move these around if you have the avatar portraits hidden and only display the Name Plates.

Regardless of who's moving their avatars around, they can only ever be placed in a spot on the Tabletop.

Upon choosing a different Video selection than what was selected before (this includes setting it to or from None), your and all other players currently in the game will have their browser tab refreshed. One of the unique features of Roll20 Web RTC is the ability to move the player avatars to wherever you want on the screen.

This can be very helpful when you have a specific broadcast overlay for streaming.

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