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Felicity has echoes of Chloe in terms of her character, and she's also able to deliver dialogue (whether techie or humorous observations) in a similar way to Allison Mack. This version's Black Canary isn't even as personable as Smallville's.In fact, Laurel is more like the Arrow version of Lana Lang.But her quirkiness really shined in later episodes and that's why she got promoted.

A subtrope of Fan Nickname, but not to be confused with it. Some are generated by themselves, some from observers and some from detractors.Be advised when using these terms that by the time the name becomes well known to outsiders, it's often gathered some distaste by those within the fandom.I think it would be more refreshing if Felicity were with Ollie for a while at least. I don't see anything in her at the moment that even remotely seems like she could be Black Canary.I used to like Thea at the start, but she got annoying. It's almost too predictable to have her with him, as often people wouldn't put the geeky tech girl with the main hero as they want to save him for the "equally cool" (not) heroine in Laurel.

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    Cyber Power was certified as the world’s first ''Microsoft Windows 98 compatible UPS vendor.'' After that, all of the UPS products are designed to be compatible with Microsoft OS, showing Cyber Power's acute observation on the trend and our flexibility to adapt and adopt new technology.

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