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I made a ton of great friends, and it certainly assisted in girls taking notice of me. At first, I was not close to winning, but as we reached our senior year, I overtook all my friends.

It wasn't really about being the top dog or anything like that. I had developed strong muscles all over without being too over the top. I'm sure most would think it was good genetics, but I had to work hard.

I tried to be a cool, friendly, affable guy, even hanging out with people that most of my peers would deem to be below my social circle.

I play football in high school, so that got me pretty built. When I was about to enter my freshman year, I was kinda scrawny, but I hit a huge growth spurt right as I started school.

The first time I ever saw a girl look at my body with lust in her eyes was all the motivation I needed. Like I said before, I had a few girlfriends, and a lot of them were eager to get physical with me.So this complete story is quite long, practically novel-length, so keep that in mind.This story will be released in smaller chunks to make it more manageable. Not all of them will have sex, but some will, but don't worry, the high-level of sexual tension will be consistent throughout.I'm sure I'm better at it than I give myself credit for, but it just was second-nature to me.Girls just sort of came to me and it would take an idiot to not realize they liked me.

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