Naruto konoha ninpouchou online dating

In battle, Tenten surrounds the battlefield in weapons, using them for damage and for disabling her opponents.

A member of team Gai; Neji is the most talented member of the Hyuuga clan in both mind and body.

Using a powerful sound based arm, Dosu can disable his enemies by disrupting their hearing and throwing them off.

One of the three sound genin, and possibly the strongest; Dosu is an intelligent and patient ninja that likes to act with logic.While innately strong, Chouji is able to sacrifice his own life using special pills from his clan to become insanely powerful.A Genin from Team 10, Ino is a member of the Yamanaka clan, and a very confident and vain girl.With the Shukaku, and his own abilities, Gaara can manipulate the sand in his gourd to crush the enemy, or defend himself.The brother of Gaara, and a master puppeeter, Kankuro is one of the three sand siblings.

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