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(i.e.: "Write Romeo & Juliet with Nico as Romeo and Percy as Juliet!

When Jace presents as an omega, Valentine discards him as useless - but Sebastian and Alec, happily mated for a few weeks now, step in and ask to have him as a reward for their good work.So Anubis first has to convince : Parent switch AU, where Percy is a son of Pluto, Nico is a son of Neptune and the other children of the Big Three are a surprise. What if Percy and Nico got to grow up together in New Rome, what if Percy had pet skeleton dinosaurs and Nico could turn into a merman?This is mainly just cute.: On the island of Dragon's Edge, there are only two towns - Berk and Burgess.He ends up on an island kingdom where he meets fascinating people - thieves, priests, sorceresses, even a prince. So Anubis wishes to get his mate the perfect omega to balance them out.Only that Percy Jackson is being hidden from godly sight by Anubis' stupid trice-cursed cousin and said cousin's little human mate...

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