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"I’m sorry friend, but I can’t start my work until you pay the fee.Lots of other non profit shelters need the funding so they can keep giving fluffies food and a chance for a new home." Big Mista shakes his head.Miranda's origin part A Well since the fluffy thread was killed when the news broke, I'll post this here. The very first fluffy pony thing I ever saw was your rainbow dash comic. I ended up changing Simmer's mother's hair to look more like the brother than her, since she was traded away from Bowser's herd she wouldn't look like her mom.

Miranda's origin part B After the next comic I post, I'll start drawing some of the requests in my inbox, I have been neglecting them for a while.

Either way fluffies should only be fed twice a day, once in the morning and later at dinner." Big mista doesn’t even register his complaints and shoves him in the box.

"You see, the reason the boxes are V shaped is to make sure the fluffy just doesn’t fall asleep while he’s being punished. They aren’t designed to cut and rip flesh like the whips this is based on. So long as the fluffy you hit is dry and not matted the whip never reaches the skin so it pulls on the fluff. We had a tip that there were some fluffies being abused in this shelter." A woman wearing gloves waves at you both down the hall. I I did a Q-tip test on their rectums and sure enough they’re bleeding.

Even though she's not a foal anymore he still takes her home after work.

I had her reset because Big Mista wouldn't be patient enough to de-traumatize Miranda the right way and would rather have her brain washed in a snap.

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