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Muslims as well as Hinduswere brought to Trinidad from South Asia.All were initially housed on the estates in the wooden barracks vacated by the emancipated former slaves.The majority were recruited in the north, primarily from Bihar, the United Provinces, and Bengal.By 1985, the total population of Trinidad and Tobago exceeded half a million people.

The parable itself was actually written in 1868 by German linguist Dr.

In the final decades of the nineteenth century, however, East Indians settled on Crown Land, frequently in swampy areas not especially suitable for the growing of sugarcane but capable of supporting other cropsmost particularly rice and other subsistence foods.

Cutting cane was the only source of cash for many villages.

Extended visits in the early 1950s by Indian missionaries (known as the "Swamis") resulted in an increased interest in Hinduism on the part of many young men; at the same time, the new schools built by the Maha Sabha introduced the teaching of Hindi and Sanskrit along with customary Western secular subjects.

In addition, by mid-century, indentured immigration had become a thing of the past: most of the East Indian population was now Trinidad-born.

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