Hong kong newspaper clippings online dating

Searching in person If you want to search one of the newspapers that isn't accessible via MMIS (or if you don't like staring at a computer screen), you'll need to visit the HKPL or HKPRO in person.

You can read copies of the old newspapers using their microfilm (they also call them 'microform') readers.

the best feature is the timeline, showing the frequency of stories about the search terms, plus you can narrow it down to free archives.

The number of newspapers seems limited at the moment - but check this for example - the Sydney Morning Herald on the fall of Hong Kong:

The library also keeps seven Chinese-language local newspapers: the Hsun Huan Jih Pao, the Yau Sho Wai Po, the Kung Shang Jih Pao, the Wah Kiu Yat Po, the Wah Kiu Man Po, the Hwa Shiang Pao, the Hwa Shiang Pao (evening edition).

it has several limitations you need to be aware of:" ?Metro Daily cited former Public Records Office head Chu Fuk-keung as saying that the removal of the dates was disrespectful towards history. that even historical images have to be edited,” added Democratic Party legislator Roy Kwong.Accommodate the sizes of exhibition boards The LCSD told local media on Wednesday that it had removed the dates in order to accommodate the sizes of exhibition boards and to avoid reducing the actual content of the newspaper reports.I may be making some simple mistake, so if you have it working, please leave a comment below.HKPL: Their online Multimedia Information Service (MMIS) is the tool I use most.

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