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Some people may prefer men who are clean-shaven, but what men actually do with their facial hair is usually considered a style decision, not an obligation.

I don't think shaving anywhere should be an obligation for anyone, so if you want to complain about men feeling pressure to shave, we're on the same page.

This is why defending women's choice not to shave is necessary: It's already an option for men.Quite a few people have told me I need to loosen up because people do things to look good all the time, including one mansplainer on Twitter who "taught" me about grooming rituals in the animal kingdom.I don't have any problem with people trying to look good. Furthermore, whether or not you shave is completely unconnected with whether you "look good." Fun fact: I get hit on just as frequently when I'm (gasp!But that hasn't stopped acquaintances and strangers on social media and dating sites from giving me a hard time about it.Since I've dealt with a lot of comments about not shaving my legs, I've had to chance to come up with a few diplomatic but assertive responses.

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