Gel eyeliner brush online dating

Terry Barber, MAC's director of make-up artistry, says: 'If you are doing a long wing, follow the angle from the bottom outer corner of your eye and elongate in one single sweep outwards towards the top of your ear to give a winged eye that suits your face shape.' If you're nervous of doing this in one single sweep, extend the eye liner from the point where you just stopped at the outer corner.

Try to avoid doing this in small strokes, as you will just achieve jagged results.

As Alex Box, creative director of Illamasqua, says: 'For a modern look, just wear it on a nude face.

i think totally different about this brush now than i had used it initially.

Apply with Lancome's Eyeliner Brush, £15, or Bobbi Brown's Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush, £20, which both have a firm angled edge for more precision. Benjamin Rousseau, make-up artist for Lancome, says: 'Pull the skin taut at the outer eye, look down, and using a flat brush start applying the liner into the lash line itself on the top eyelid, in between the root of the lashes.' Taking the line from the inner corner of the eye, put the colour in the lash line all the way to the outer corner of the eye.

Many people seem to like this brush and it is really cheap, so maybe this isn't bad for a beginner at all.

I wouldn't have bought such an inexpensive and cheap looking eyeliner brush without the reviews.

Go over the existing line several times to build up the intensity of the colour.

Keep the line thinner towards the inside of the eye and make it thicker towards the outer eye, ensuring you follow the eye's natural shape.

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