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In general, subvert any and all natural inclinations you may have as a woman, and pretend like nothing means really anything at all to you, or else any guy, anywhere, will run like the wind from you, because guys can’t stand a woman that harbors an actual emotion that might pertain to said guy. The whole thing consumed me for about 90 minutes and made me feel sick for several reasons.I’ll admit that my feelings were not altogether rational at the time, but they were a product of being brainwashed by his mind-sucking prose: 1) The feeling that men and women are so irreconcilably different that we can never truly be ourselves with each other; anything that promotes this idea is just depressing.Two years before, I’d written on my aspirations list: Move into a new home by August 2011.

Mom believed that her seeing the dimes was Gram’s way of reaching out and letting her know she’s okay and still with us in spirit.

I would find them at times in my life when I needed to make a decision or a major change.

I began to realize the dimes were validations from my spirit guides – their way of saying, “Go for it! And although I was content there, I was beginning to feel a restlessness within me that it was time to move onward and upward.

PS – I was debating on whether or not to post this article or another one I have written today.

When I was thinking about it, I walked into my bedroom and found a dime on my bed.

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