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The 28-year-old recalled feeling "scared" to go public with her relationship last fall, "because we knew it was a sensitive thing."Ell explained, "Eventually I reached the point where I was like, ‘Country music is a beautiful industry because they embrace humans being humans.' And they embrace artists being able to have a personal life and don't let it come in the way of their career or goals or business." The "Waiting on You" singer also wanted "to be honest" with her fans and "be real with them in hopes that it wouldn't affect my career."Lindsay said she understands the incredibly cutthroat nature of country music radio, but admitted, "I get in a competitive situation that it's a sensitive topic, however, I really feel that as an artist—male or female—your personal life shouldn't affect what you do."Unfortunately, it has. I care so much about making music that I've fallen in love with."She continued, "I've been doing this ever since I was a little girl.Lindsay goes to great lengths to keep her relationship under wraps out of fear that new fans will find out about Bobby and not listen to certain radio shows. Several singers went into the audience to hug Montgomery.Gill teared up as he performed his own song, 'Whenever You Come Around,' which was the first song that Gentry sang for his wife Angie. Martell Foundation, and the USO, his love for Halloween and Christmas holidays, Elvis Presley and Disney movies.Little Big Town, Vince Gill, Charlie Daniels and Trace Adkins were among the stars who gathered at the service to sing songs like 'How Great Thou Art,' ''Wayfaring Stranger,' and 'My Old Kentucky Home.' Gentry's casket was placed in the famous circle in the middle of the Opry stage, where he often stood to sing with duo partner Eddie Montgomery, and was surrounded by sprays of white and red roses.Gentry and Montgomery were inducted into the Opry in 2009 after a string of No.She shared with us, "I am very careful about pictures that I post, dialogue on social media. I do my best to make sure that I'm not flaunting our relationship..."Despite the scandal, Lindsay is hopeful others will soon be able to separate her personal and professional life just as she has.

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Neither Swift nor Jonas acknowledged the relationship.A full-sized Batman costume was set up beside the casket, a personal memento from Gentry who idolized the superhero.Many of his friends wore Batman logos on their bowties or buttons.Gentry, 50, died Friday in Medford, New Jersey, in a helicopter crash.The pilot, James Evan Robinson who was also killed, reported shortly after takeoff that the aircraft was having mechanical problems.

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