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never mind, what I'm trying to say is that if you like the perfume, then wear it.

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There's something uplifting about having a weird friend around in those situations. Honestly, everything what I got from Homme Intense 2011: 1. The first one hour is a strong, nauseating iris (dont’t like it) with a high dose lipstick and makeup odor. The rest of the time I get a bit of amberette, synthetic vanilla and a lot of powdery notes.I bought a 50 ml bottle (would of preferred a 100 ml bottle but they had sold out) and I'm over the moon with it.Yes the opening smells like a woman's make up bag which will put some people off (it's what put me off the first time I tried it but I really like the opening now) but once it drys down it turns into a warm choclate like scent that projects like a bomb and smells like pure class.I tried this fragrance in store about 2 years ago and thought it smelt absolutely rank, the lipstick opening put me right off it.Fast forward to November 2017 I gave it another try in store (don't know why to be honest) and I can only guess my taste in fragrances has changed because I loved it as soon as I smelt it.

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