Bipolar romantic relationships dating and marriage

This why the guys you aren’t so into are usually so into you…because there’s no pressure.

You’re just feeling it out and testing the waters and he feels a sense of freedom in the relationship.

If we can’t get him to want us, then there is something wrong with us; we are flawed and unlovable. You meet a guy who has a set of qualities that you want in a man and you make it your mission to have him.

From that point on you measure your interactions with him in terms of whether they’re getting you closer to, or further from, your ultimate goal.

She, on the other hand, has gone all in and the fact that he isn’t at the same point leaves her with a constant feeling of unease just beneath the surface.If you have been in several situations like this, you might start to wonder if it’s you, if you’re doing something wrong.But then how can that be when all these other guys, the ones you don’t want, are desperate to date you?There was Tom (not his real name because I actually can’t remember his real name, but I assure you he’ll never forget mine! He did sound production for Broadway plays and he was really cute and cool. He stared at me like I was some divine being and wanted so badly for me to fall in love with him at the same rate he was falling for me. He was a total gem and stayed out with me until 2 a.m. Our dates were always great and he was a wonderful guy who thought I was the smartest unicorn on the planet, but no, not him.At the same time I was dating Ben I dated Brian – now Brian I liked! How is it I could be the most spectacular goddess to the guys I was indifferent to, but a take-it-or-leave-it to the guys who actually did stir something in me?

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