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So we’re at DSW, and he’s trying to point out any kind of heels or wedges, and I’m pulling out flats and Converse. He says I was being cold to him; I say that he was just used to girls fawning over him because he’s so hot, and I was not gonna do that. I was just being a normal person, and he thinks I was being cold. It's amazing to think that I recorded my greatest hits from 3 hour specials in the same room where I first recorded the Nail Salon joke 10 years ago.

But by the end of the day I warmed up enough — he tells people that he was getting ready to fake a stomachache and go home, because he was not trying to have it, and then I warmed up. They always say, ‘When you know, you know.’ And it’s like, what does that even mean? 😭🙌🏽 #God Is Good and a big thank you to @cristela9 for giving me this #Strong Female Lead sweatshirt.

AJ: Not very long, because we met in August, and we were officially boyfriend and girlfriend by October, and then we were engaged by Christmas Eve.

alum gets stopped for those two over-the-top but very recognizable comedy gems, but her years in Los Angeles, time on the road and family life have provided plenty more storytelling material -- an hour's worth, in fact. PICS: Ellen De Generes Returns to Stand-Up Comedy After 15 Years You've spoken before about how you wished you had a more Latina last name grown up.

So I talk about things from my marriage to the time I got a massage and my massage therapist fell asleep on me.

I can do six shows in one city and all six of those shows are going to be different, because the people sitting there are different.

I can be doing the same material, but the way it’s received, the people that I’m looking at while I’m telling the story, it just feels different every time.

AJ: Similar to my brother — she had no filter, and her customer service wasn’t really customer service, it was like I was bothering her by coming through the drive-thru.

It’s hard to explain, it was just an experience I laughed about and remembered for a very long time. She’s probably like, ‘Don’t nobody talk like that.’ AJ: We met through mutual friends, actually; my old roommate married his best friend, and I saw him at their wedding.

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