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A youthful graduate-entry high-flier, he was in many ways the antithesis of Sun Hill's commanding officer, Chief Superintendent Brownlow.

Not surprisingly, Mannion and Brownlow became bitter rivals, especially when the new post of Borough Commander came up for grabs.

His swift rise through the ranks initially seems to his new team at Sun Hill largely thanks to his connections: his father-in-law is Deputy Assistant Commissioner Roy Pearson.

An ambitious DI, Manson seeks to discredit DCI Meadows where possible, and quickly becomes unpopular with his exacting requirements and seemingly sexist attitudes.

DAC Pearson tells him that the rumour is groundless.

Angry at the interference into his personal life, Manson organises to have Eva reassigned, blackmailing DCI Meadows over his relationship with a prostitute.

Hopefully you and/or your audience haven't heard them all yet. A few are rated R because of limited profanity or adult topics, and a few are of questionable taste. She asked if we go by the dairy, and I told her we go by the ballpark. " and got off."At the next stop, there was this little country boy standing there.

Despite being a solid, dependable officer, however, he never topped any popularity charts, being humourless and insistent on doing everything by the book.Mannion himself was succeeded as Borough Commander by Jane Fitzwilliam, and his fate was never explained.DI Neil Manson arrived at Sun Hill in December 2003.Maitland waded in to help, and from then on was respected as a sergeant who led from the front.He was also seen as a career officer with ambition.

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